'Medical Nicotine' is a chemical first created in 1904 by Swiss scientist Ame Pictet, A. Rotschy by combining C (carbon), H (hydrogen), and N (nitrogen) in a molecular fusion method.

Made by artificially fusing pure molecules, 'Medical Nicotine' has high purity and no carcinogens due to its absence of impurities.

Because of these advantages, the medical community has been using Medical Nicotine for the treatment and research of brain and nervous system diseases such as depression, Parkinson's disease, ADHD syndrome, and Alzheimer's.

Therefore, Medical Nicotine is the safest nicotine of all existing types.

2017. 01. 02

New chemical registration

2017. 04. 05

Oral toxicity test completed

2017. 08. 10

Transcutaneous toxicity test completed

2018. 11. 09

Inhalation toxicity test completed

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